From January 22 : New Energy Improvement Loan

Created by the french Financial Authority

The French government explores new ways to encourage eco-friendly energy consumption in the real estate industry by developing incentives to support and motivate investors and homeowners to become more compliant.

So, from January 2022, real estate investors will have access to a new type of loan strictly for the renovation of old buildings with terrible energy efficiency levels.
The loan is specifically for those who intend to buy a house with energy levels F and G.

This new loan scheme provides an opportunity for old and new investors who prefer to invest in old buildings to carry out their investments without energy concerns. This loan gives them the necessary resources to handle that part of the project - this was not the case in the past.

To help you understand how to take advantage of this opportunity for your next project, reach out to us on our official channels; or 07 50 59 45 79,